As You Make Your Bed, So You Must Lie In It. Selb, Germany 1991. Installation of photographs of violence in the border creek. The gelatine pictures were washed away by the water during the on-week performance.

Funke´s Kolín. Installation 1993. Photo by: Jan Schejbal

Second Hand. Installation in a second-hand shop in Karlín 1994 (together with Jolana Havelková).

Making Love in the Kitchen. Installation in the Youth Gallery U Řečických, Prague 1994 (together with Jolana Havelková).

Heavenly Food. Installation in the Psychiatric sanatorium in Bohnice 1994.

The Battlefield. Installation in the Psychiatric sanatorium in Bohnice 1996.

Coincidence. The European Culture Center in Köln, Germany 1996 (together with a Korean artist Hanka Lee, curator: Gunter Demning). Photographic sculpture, height: 3m. The Figurants, 1996. Photographic sculptures in the cloister of the Pod kamennou žábou Gallery, České Budějovice. Height: 5m.

Diarchie. Installation in the Melantrich Gallery, Prague 1988 (together with Jan Hudeček).
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